William A. Boisvert, Ph.D.

Professor of Medicine

John A. Burns School of Medicine

University of Hawaii at Manoa

651 Ilalo St, Room 311-C

Honolulu HI 96813

Email: wab@hawaii.edu

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PubMedID: WAB123


Ph.D., 1992, Tufts University, Boston, MA

MS, 1986, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE


Atherosclerosis is an extremely common condition in humans that over the years can lead to heart attacks and strokes as a result of plaque buildup in the blood vessels.  It is well established that the immune system actively participates in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis, and that macrophages in particular are critical to both the initiation and progression of the disease.  Recent findings from our lab illustrate the importance of this cell type (as well as other immune cells) in atherosclerosis by showing that elements that control its various functions can influence the development of atherosclerosis.

Research rotations in the Boisvert laboratory will provide the opportunity to work with graduate and medical students and postdoctoral fellows, and to gain expertise and all of the associated technical knowledge in the following areas of cardiovascular research:

1.  The role of inflammasome in macrophage function and atherosclerosis

2.  Immunologic factors that affect cholesterol uptake and efflux by the macrophages

3.  Modulation of smooth muscle cell migration in atherosclerotic plaque by CD98

4.  The use of hematopoietic stem cells to deliver therapeutic genes to atherosclerotic plaque

5.  Discovery/therapeutic use of microRNAs in macrophage function related to atherosclerosis


1.Wang H, Oyama N, Rikitake Y, Kitamoto S, Gitlin J, Liu P-Y, Liao JK, Boisvert WA.  Deficiency of ROCK1 in bone marrow-derived cells protects against atherosclerosis in LDLR-/- mice.  FASEB J. 2008;22:3561-3570.

2.Han X, Kitamoto S, Lian Q, Boisvert WA.  Interleukin-10 facilitates both cholesterol uptake and efflux in macrophages.  J. Biol. Chem. 2009;284:32950-8.

3.Gitlin JM, Homeister JW, Bulgrien J, Counselman J, Curtiss LK, Lowe JB, Boisvert WA. Disruption of tissue-specific fucosyltransferase VII, an enzyme necessary for selectin ligand synthesis, suppresses atherosclerosis in LDLR-/- mice. Am. J. Pathol. 2009;174:343-350.

  1. 4.Han X, Kitamoto S, Wang H, Boisvert WA.  Interleukin-10 overexpression in macrophages suppresses atherosclerosis in hyperlipidemic mice.  FASEB J. 2010;24:2869-2880.

  2. 5.Han X, Kitamoto S, Wang H, Boisvert WA. Leu128(3.43)(I128) and Val 247(6.40)(V247) of CXCR1 are critical amino acid residues for g protein coupling and receptor activation. PLoS One. 2012;7(8).

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