DRB Graduate Program Student Retreat
IBR Conference Room, March 1, 2013
Message from the organizer: "Thank you all students and faculty members for participation. I may be biased :) but I think everything worked out very well. I personally enjoyed learning what everyone is doing and I was very much impressed with the quality of presentations and discussions. Also, special thanks to Dr. Marikawa for promoting me to organize the event, Dr. Moisyadi for photographing, Dr. Lozanoff for providing fund for the event, Dr. Cooper and Dr. Gerschenson for support as representatives of UH graduate studies administration, and the IBR administrators, Candice Lau and Shirley Liu for their help to organize the event. Mahalo!"
     - Monika Ward

Carolyn Higuchi presented a new method to grow ovarian tissues in a culture dish

Jonathan Riel identified Y-chromosome genes important for sperm function

Jessie Macias is purifying transposase enzyme to enhance transgenesis technology

Ferhat Ulu determined the signals crucial for male germ cell differentiation

Natsumi Takahashi is investigating the regulators of adult stem cells

Victor Ruthig is isolating new proteins important for the maintenance of sperm DNA integrity

Chase Moleta is studying health disparity to help Native Hawaiians

Brent Fujimoto is investigating the mechanisms of head regeneration using marine organism

Aileen Li is identifying new genes controlling the early stage of animal development

Michael Ortega is studying the molecules crucial for the initiation of DNA replication

Joel Marh is developing new methodologies to improve efficiency of transgenesis

Darrah Kauhane-Floerke is studying a variety of transposons for their evolutionary roles

Audience (IBR Director Dr. Steve Ward on the right)

Dr. Gerschenson (left) and Dr. Cooper (right). Mahalo for joining our retreat

Dr. Moisyadi (right)

group photo